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Figured it out, I should have figured it out by now
It’s nothing but a wish, oh we all dream of something greater
Ever a doubt, if there was ever any doubt
You find out what you are, yeah, you find out sooner or later

Kept my mouth shut, I should have kept my mouth shut baby
It’s nothing but trouble - oh, it’s had me here before
No matter what, no matter what I hear me saying
It’s never what I should have said on the other side of your door

Pieces, I’m in pieces I’m in pieces

Let it all go, I should have let it all go
Me and all my taking myself so seriously
Enough to know, you’ve been around enough to know
I’d make a mess of plenty more if it was up to me

Pieces, I’m in pieces I’m in pieces,
I’m invisible
Pieces, I’m in pieces I’m in pieces
I’m invisible

The same lies, the same fears
I don’t hide; I disappear
I close my eyes; no one’s here
I say I’m fine that’s what you want to hear
It’s what you want to hear


from This Isn't Over Yet, released June 15, 2010



all rights reserved


Ellery Cincinnati

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