This Isn't Over Yet

by Ellery

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released June 15, 2010

Produced by Malcolm Burn
Recorded and Mixed by Malcolm Burn at Maison Bleue Studio, Kingston, NY
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York, NY
Artwork and Design by Jeff Kulak,

Music by:
Tasha Golden: Vocals, Piano, Organ, Keyboards
Justin Golden: Backing Vocals, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Mando-Guitar
Malcolm Burn: Backing Vocals, Bass, Percussion, Piano, Synths
Joshua Seurkamp: Drums, Percussion, Glockenspiel
Jon Graboff: Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar
Mark Axiak: Electric Guitar, Textures
Max : Fine Coffee

Ellery is Tasha & Justin Golden

All Songs ©℗ 2010 Tasha Golden, Set Adrift Music (ASCAP)




all rights reserved


Ellery Louisville, Kentucky

Ellery’s intimate, lush-pop songs have been heard in major motion pictures, TV dramas, radio, and taken them across the country over years of touring. Now based in Louisville, KY, the band writes and records between research, mixing projects, and indulging two cats. They make loud louds and quiet quiets. ... more

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Track Name: Where It's Going
Said we’ll start slow
You gotta have somewhere to go
If you push, if you push, it’ll all go to pieces

Said we’ll start small
Pretend like nothing’s there at all
Til the ground, til the ground starts to shake underneath us But

This isn’t over, over yet
This isn’t half of what you’ll get
This isn’t over, over let me show you
Where it’s going

I love a quiet
Room for playing hard to get
When the light, when the light from the window is fading

I love your lips
I love the oh, inevitable kiss
When you breathe, when you breathe with the effort of waiting

Ah, ah, ah, ah...

The deep blue sea
Is tame compared to you and me
When we fell, when we fell, we fell hard in a hurry
Track Name: Happy
It was a stupid mistake
I’ve played it over again
I felt it starting to break
but oh what a storm we were in

Leveled us both with a crash
You sped away in the dark
And I’ve only driven me mad
replaying how we came apart -But

I’m gonna be happy
without you around
I’ll figure it out
And I’m gonna be happy
just give me some time
I'm gonna be fine

I fell to pieces for you
and everything we couldn’t weather
and how there was nothing we could do this time
that would make it all better

And I’ve heard a lot of good lies
But there’s one I could never quite shake:
that sorrow’s some kind of good sign
I should carry with me to the grave

This is everything I hoped I’d find a way to say to you:
Darling, it’s a shame I couldn’t be a better place for you
but I can’t love by self-destruct
I’ve gotta give it up
Track Name: Oh No
Maybe I never said a single thing that mattered
Until you left, and I guess suddenly I had to
I never had a better reason to look stupid
Than I have now; if you ask anything, I'll do it

Oh no, is it so old now?
Oh no, is it so old now
that we can't bail this sinking ship out?
that we can’t bail this sinking ship out

If I had a plane, I'd fly us out to some beginning
Wipe everything clean, maybe find out what I've been missing
If I had a drum, baby, I’d thunder through the side streets
Wake everyone just to see you, beautiful, beside me

Oh no
Oh no

If I was a king and I thought you were into romance
I'd make a scene, a choir would sing, and we would slow dance
Too little too late, won't make it okay
What's taken me years and years to say
Well it won't make you stay
It won't make you stay
Oh no -
Track Name: What I Need
You said we should fight how this is
Going, going nowhere
Darling, being here feels just like
breathing, breathing cold air --

Hollywood and magazine --
There’s one, there’s one good ending
And you could give me everything
but you could never give me

What I need, is to say something I really mean
What I need's something more than what I'll never be

I was only trying to find
a way out, a way through this mess
You said it’s as long and wide
as my own, my forgiveness

You said years from now we’ll both be
softly, softly sleeping
and I’ll have some defining dream
and wake up, wake up breathing
Track Name: Pieces
Figured it out, I should have figured it out by now
It’s nothing but a wish, oh we all dream of something greater
Ever a doubt, if there was ever any doubt
You find out what you are, yeah, you find out sooner or later

Kept my mouth shut, I should have kept my mouth shut baby
It’s nothing but trouble - oh, it’s had me here before
No matter what, no matter what I hear me saying
It’s never what I should have said on the other side of your door

Pieces, I’m in pieces I’m in pieces

Let it all go, I should have let it all go
Me and all my taking myself so seriously
Enough to know, you’ve been around enough to know
I’d make a mess of plenty more if it was up to me

Pieces, I’m in pieces I’m in pieces,
I’m invisible
Pieces, I’m in pieces I’m in pieces
I’m invisible

The same lies, the same fears
I don’t hide; I disappear
I close my eyes; no one’s here
I say I’m fine that’s what you want to hear
It’s what you want to hear
Track Name: Lay Your Head Down
Lay your head down, dear
There's no sorrow here
Only time for letting go
And room for landing light as snow
The gentle daylight fading slow
My murmur soft and whisper low
So lay your head down
So lay your head down

Lay your head down, dear
There’s no sorrow here
Only time for starry skies
And room for long and languid sighs
A gentle dream to close your eyes
A night to fall, a moon to rise
So lay your head down
So lay your head down

Lay your head down, dear
There's no sorrow here
Only time for falling in
And room for shadows dark and dim
A gentle song to soft begin
Your breathing out, your breathing in
So lay your head down
So lay your head down
Track Name: Blame Me
Honey, you’re gonna have to come home sometime
I can’t seem to leave good enough alone this time
And maybe, it’s the same thing I’ve always fallen for -
Waiting for it all to change when it’s long been done for

It’s a long, long, long way
from what we thought it’d be
You can blame me

Nothing but a too quiet night back here
I kind of miss the kind that ended with a fight and mad tears
I got everything backwards; no use in pretending
I was anything half as good as you were to me then

And you can add this to all my stupid apologies
The ones I thought I knew how to make you believe
Cause there’s not anything, anything I want you to be
but here, here, here
Track Name: Christopher
Christopher is always in his head, she said
I think it came without a sound -
The world woke up and he broke down

Christopher was always good with the girls, she said
But even so I never saw
him fall in love with one at all

When he's tired, she said
he always goes down
When he's tired, she said
he always goes down
he always goes downstairs

Christopher was never wild. He's glad, she said
His father was a stupid man,
says Christopher, and so began
His goal just to be better than
some long-gone, no-good, stupid man
He could have made a better plan
He should have made a better plan

Christopher would burrow deep if he could, she said
Somewhere far away from here
And sleep until he disappeared

When he's tired, she said
he always goes downstairs
We don't see him for hours
for hours, for hours
Track Name: Someone To Say It To
I’m afraid I’ll never be
strong enough to carry me
Such a long and desert ride
So quick ahead, so few beside

I don’t think I’ve ever felt
a peace when I am by myself
These darker rooms and silences
leave most of us afraid, I guess
And hoping with each passing mess
we’ll feel it all a little less
Hoping with each passing mess
we’ll feel it all a little less

The best things are the hardest sell
We mostly love, then run like hell
It’s easier to let it go -
to leave before you’re left alone
So every friend looks like a foe,
and every bow feels like blow
So every friend looks like a foe,
and every bow feels like blow

Maybe I’ve said far too much
These stories aren’t for young and trusting
little souls who fall asleep
with foes and blows drawn in their dreams
So take a breath and let it be
We’ll say it’s all just make-believe
Take a breath and let it be
We’ll say it’s all just make-believe

I’m afraid I’ll never be
strong enough to carry me
I don’t mean to frighten you
Just need someone to say it to
Track Name: All
Some days I hear them whisper in my head
Every word I wish I’d never said
Growing up and old like one long fall
All leading up to something much too small

But it’s all I need

Truth or dare, I pulled on every thread
Wrote my prayers until my fingers bled
I laughed at every lie I thought I’d seen
It leaves so little space for one to dream

But it’s all I need

I’m just afraid there’s nothing left to find
I left a thousand miracles behind
Still looking back for something to appear
Still saying prayers in case someone might hear

It’s all I need
Track Name: Ways To Go
I keep listening; I never hear a thing
I’ve been holding my breath, imagining
I’ve only wanted a sign, a sign, anything

I keep waiting, but nothing ever comes
I keep hoping for my turn – like everyone
Cause don’t it seem like you start, you start and then you’re done

Ooo, it’s too late
Ooo, for mistakes
And too many ways to go
Oh, oh, oh

I read too many books, maybe, when I was young
I fell in love with the ride into a setting sun
I’ve never run out of things of things I should’ve done

Oh is everybody like me?
Cautious, barely breathing like me?
Waiting for some thing that might be
Nowhere at all